About me

Dreamer, designer & founder of Mundo Creole

Photo by FarinaHello Your loved ones ❤

I am Farina, dreamer, designer and founder of Mundo Creole, currently at home in the beautiful Freiburg in Breisgau. I am full of dreams and enjoy life without restrictions.

Through the FEELING of colours and fabrics and inspired by my travels, I design my collections with a focus on comfort and "flow" ...

Mundo Creole celebrates the beauty of every woman with beautiful fabrics, embroidery, ethnic prints and *Bohemian Pure Bliss*❤

My design brand my label stands for LOVE, FREEDOM and INSPIRATION. For any woman who loves the wind in her hair and never stops dreaming ...

I am not part of the "fast fashion industry" and do my best to deliver a personal and aesthetic experience.

About my creative process

Mundo Creole has no catalogues, seasonal collections, etc. I design when I feel inspired to do it, this is for me the most authentic way to rock this little show:)

By respecting my natural creative flow, it is ensured that this brand remains my love and expression of my passion and does not become a burden. #ILoveWhatIdo ♥ Thank you for supporting me to live my dream.

Current production practices

('Current' because I am constantly evolving, learning and changing. I will update this section regularly if or how I grow and change)

I currently own a small workshop with 6 tailors, with whom I personally work closely and produce exclusively for the Mundo Creole brand. My workshop is located in India and in my studio in Freiburg.

I completely shun the services of big manufacturers. All my designs are made in very (very!) small series and I insist on very ethical and fair trading practices as well as a warm and family atmosphere. All my garments are guaranteed to be NOT manufactured in exploitative, ethically produced and produced with very, very MUCH LOVE.


My slow fashion setting means making it costs me more. But I'm sure it's best for everyone involved. Including our planet. Producing small quantities allows me to grow and produce naturally depending on what you like to buy most (big brands produce thousands of pieces per design. This reduces costs, but also causes a lot of waste and the compulsion to sell large quantities).

✩ Yes, interested parties as resellers can get in touch 😊 -click here

Lots of love